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For health care and corporate dining, nutrition is a top concern. And while clean ingredient statements are important, flavor and quality still come first. Good thing then that by choosing locally sourced Cabot Creamery cheese and dairy foodservice products, you get both: clean ingredient statements and award-winning flavor. They don’t call us the “World’s Best Cheddar” for nothing. So for everything from nutritious patient meals and tasty grab-and-go items to crafting C-suite-worthy menus with products that put a premium on sustainability, Cabot Creamery Foodservice can help you drive healthy profits.

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since 1919


For over 100 years, we’ve been owned by family farmers. and we always will be. We’re proud to say that 100% of proceeds from purchases go directly back to the farmers.

What makes our products so incredible?

It’s the fresh milk our family farmers produce and their centurylong commitment to quality. Oh, and our cheese graders, they sample every vat to ensure it meets the highest standards and your customers enjoy only the greatest-tasting cheese & dairy products.

Recipes to Inspire

We give you the best, you do the rest. Create craveable menus with our high-quality cheese and dairy.

Award-Winning Products

Two words: Legend-dairy. It’s true, we’re known as the “World’s Best Cheddar,” but we have a whole lot more to celebrate—like award-winning dairy products, too. Learn more about all of the products crafted from our farm-fresh milk.

Certified B Corporation

We were the first Dairy Co-op to achieve B Corp Certification—a certification that shows our unwavering commitment to environmental and social impacts for consumers, employees, our co-op farmers and you. Want to know more?

Our Flavor Pairing Guide

Tell us more about yourself to see how we tap into the unique characteristics of our products to create surprising and elevated flavor pairings to help you keep menus fresh and flavorful.