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Cabot's award-winning locally sourced cheese and dairy products will make any college and university foodservice program stand out for quality and flavor.

Food Quality Is Everything

87% of college students feel they should have access to healthy and fresh food options on campus. This is so important that over half of students factor it into their decision making on where to even attend. Choosing a local supplier of award-winning dairy products (and communicating that choice to your students) is a win for everyone.

Today’s college and university students, faculty and staff are more tuned into the foods they eat, how they were sourced and where they come from. Local cheese and dairy products from Cabot Creamery not only enhances your campus foodservice programs, they also help you serve up exactly what campus consumers want: responsibly sourced, high-quality snacks and ingredients that align with their values.

Keep it Local.
Keep ‘Em on Campus.

Students dining on campus will
be a no-brainer when you
create recipes with locally sourced products.

Lean In To Our Sustainability Halo

We believe in Real Farm Power—a program that uses the waste energy created by Cabot cows to provide energy to local families and churn Cabot butter! Wild we know. But also super important and another great way to build your campus sustainability story.

Students Care About Sustainability

As a proud Certified B-Corporation—the first dairy co-op to do so, in fact we put our milk where our mouth is. We put as much of a premium on our dedication to the environment and our social impacts as we do the quality of our products.

Campus Foodservice Recipes

Create irresistible campus menus with our award-winning cheese and dairy products, crafted to keep students dining in the cafe, cafeteria, snack bars, on-campus events and more.

Our Flavor Pairing Guide

Students today have a more sophisticated palate. See how we tap into the unique characteristics of our products to create flavor pairings that are sure to give you extra credit points for on-campus menus.