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Keeping up with taste trends and consumer demands can be tough. But with cheese and dairy from Cabot Creamery in your kitchen, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re stocked with award-winning products that bring the flavor, inspire creativity and perform in the kitchen. Making your job that much easier and your dishes that much more incredible.

Our Cheddars

The highest quality cheese makes a distinct difference in recipes your guests will love. Cabot offers an award-winning array of Cheddars, Jacks, and Muensters in sizes, ages and flavors you need.

Our Butters

We take pride in seeing our butters on the U.S. Championship and World Dairy Expo podiums, among others. Show your guests what truly great butter tastes like and they will come back for more.

Our Sour Cream & Creme Fraiche

Whether as a topping or blended into a recipe, these cultured creams are standouts. That’s because the farm family owners of our cooperative will stand for nothing less.

Our Yogurts

Rich, creamy and more luscious than others; if you haven’t tried ours, you haven’t tasted the best. Farm fresh ingredients from the farm families who also own the cooperative makes the difference.

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